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Chad Hord Fall Crandon Report

Hord Racing

CRANDON, WI - Chad Hord and the Hord Off-Road Racing team headed to Crandon, WI on August 31st-September 2nd for the 49th Annual Crandon World Championships. Hord entered the weekend with an outside chance at the PRO 2 MSCL points championship and 4 opportunities to stand on top of the box.

The long weekend kicked off with a special Crandon Tradition. Police escorted race vehicles to downtown Crandon, where race vehicles lined the streets and set the route of the annual Labor Day Parade. Candy was thrown, music was played, and Crandon history and family was celebrated in the community's signature way.

After everyone had processed back to the track, Hord geared up for Friday’s race: a make-up points round from rained-out Round 1 action. The race was an ultra-short 8-lap shootout on the abbreviated track in front the of fans, so Chad had no time to waste if he wanted to finish up front.

Hord Racing

Hord got a great start, coming around the hallowed Crandon Turn One in fourth. Hord was right on the back bumper of the #36 of Daely Pentico, but could not find a way around him on the tight course with limited time. Hord would have to settle for fourth on Friday night and went back to the pits to find a little more speed for Saturday.

"I think we have the truck finally dialed in and I am feeling very comfortable," said Hord. "Friday night it was very difficult to make any passes on the short track and how tight everyone was running."

Hord sent his Lucas Oil-backed PRO 2 into Turn One with the confidence of a skilled veteran, seizing the holeshot over a stacked field of 18 trucks. He dominated the race early on, logging his fastest lap on lap 4 and gapping out to a large field over the rest of the field.

The competition caution brought the rest of the field back to Hord's bumper, evaporating his big lead. A lap after the restart, he went into Calamity Corner a little wide, tagging the outside wall and opening the door for Keegan Kincaid. But Hord's crew had prepped him with a powerhouse under the hood, and he gunned his way back to the lead. The fierce battle with Kincaid went on for several more turns, until Keegan found a fast line around the Gravel Pit turn and made his way to the front. Hord gave chase, but eventually ran out of time and had to settle for second.

"The first half of the race my Maxxis tires were glued to the track," Hord said. "In the second half it started to blow off and blue groove. I started making mistakes on some of the turns; I was going up high. So I started messing with my brake bias, trying to get the truck to rotate better, but you can't make adjustments like that when Keegan Kincaid's behind you."

The superb finish vaulted Hord to second place in the final points standings for 2018, an outstanding result for his return to PRO 2!

That wrapped up the 2018 MSCL points series, but the weekend was not over for the Ponsse-backed Chad Hord Racing team. Crandon World Cup Sunday featured two more chances for Hord to show his stuff, starting with a East vs West PRO 2 World Championship race. Hord and the Midwest PRO 2’s got a head start over their higher-horsepower West-Coast counterparts and tried to stay ahead of them for as long as possible.

Keegan Kincaid grabbed the holeshot with Hord right on his tail. The two ran together all race long, studying each other's lines and hoping they were going fast enough to keep the larger-motor PRO 2s behind them. Finally, on lap 8 of 9, CJ Greaves caught up to Hord and powered his way past en route to the lead. Hord finished with another podium on the weekend.

Finally, it was time for the AMSOIL Cup: The weekend finale that pits the Midwest and West PRO 2s against the PRO 4’s in a triple-staggered-start. Hord took off with the Midwest PRO 2s and got the start of a lifetime, finding clean air and running up front as hard as he could with Keegan Kincaid behind him. Lap after lap clicked by and Hord was still the leader. CJ Greaves in the high-horsepower PRO 2 and Johnny Greaves in PRO 4 took charge of their respective classes and steadily gained ground. The race was nearing its final laps with Hord in control when a caution for a rollover brought the competition to a pause.

Crandon officials got the race going again with a staggered start, giving Hord his lead back. Keegan Kincaid retired from the race with a mechanical issue, making Hord the last line of defense for the Midwest PRO 2s. He ran valiantly, trying to hold off the hard-chargers behind him, but in his search for the fastest line ended up on two wheels. He saved it, but had fallen to fourth place on the track. He fought off PRO 4s for the rest of the race, coming across the line side-by-side with Bradley Morris for 5th/6th place.

I was really comfortable during the race and was carrying a lot of momentum, said Hord. "Unfortunately with the caution I felt like I lost a lot of momentum, but safety is a priority. I made a mistake trying to throw it too hard into a corner and bicycled. I'm really having a hard time with that mistake but that's racing. Overall, I really am happy with where we are at and how far we have come. I look forward to traveling to Arizona for the last Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series race.

Thank you again to my sponsors: Lucas Oil, Ponsse, Maxxis Tires, and Vision Wheel, without their support we wouldn't be able to run. Thank you to my crew and KGB Customs for all of the hard work and dedication they have put in this season."



Chad Hord ERX Off-Road National Race Report

Hord Racing

Elk River, MN - After a very strong Crandon debut cut short by inclement weather, Chad Hord and the Hord Off-Road Racing Team headed to Elk River, Minnesota to do battle at the Midwest Short Course League's shortest but most punishing track: ERX Motor Park. The three-year-old world-class one-mile short course track features a split lane, sandy traps throughout, and so many jumps you could swear you spend more time in the air than on the dirt. These features combined with major elevation changes had drivers battling the course just as much as the other drivers, and fuel pressure struggles proved to be a recurring theme for PRO 2 competitors throughout the weekend.

Once again, Mother Nature threatened the schedule for Rounds 3 and 4, as several bouts of rain forced the cancellation of Thursday’s badly-needed practice round. Hord would have to jump right into qualifying in his second event back in the PRO 2. Fortunately, Friday morning’s storms ducked south of Elk River and conditions were hot and sunny for the rest of the event, allowing the rest of the event to proceed as scheduled.

Hord posted a top-5 qualifying time right out of the gate, and with a convenient 6-truck inversion, started on the front row in Friday’s main event. Daely Pentico had the lead out of Turn One, but Hord took advantage of an early mistake and seized the lead on the first lap.

Unfortunately it was a short-lived lead, as Hord got a little squirrely going through the treacherous whoops section and scrubbed off some speed, handing the lead over to Andrew Carlson on his home track. After a brief caution, Hord established himself in 2nd place, buckling down and watching the lines of the driver with the most experience at ERX. He held his position to the Competition Caution, which brought multiple heavy-hitters to his back bumper.

Things heated up fast during the second half of the race. Crandon winner Mike Vanden Heuvel pulled up alongside Hord and they were side-by-side for multiple turns. Eventually Hord had to yield the position and was back to 3rd. Hord locked the door on a hard-charging Daely Pentico and held his lines, taking home a second-straight podium finish.

“The Carlsons did an awesome job with this facility; it’s an awesome racetrack different from anywhere else we race," said Hord. "We had power steering issues in qualifying this morning that came back to haunt us a little bit in the race, but we’re going to get it figured out!”

The experienced Hord Off-Road Racing Team got to work and making changes to shocks and gearing, and on Saturday they addressed the power steering as well. Hord put down a blistering 52.030 lap time on Saturday morning and qualified third. He would start on the front row once again in Saturday’s main event.

The start did not go well for Hord, who lost a couple positions and fell to 5th on the first lap. But the experienced driver was unfazed, and he went to work on Eric Ruppel. He was up to 4th before a caution on lap 3, and flew past Ruppel on the exit of the split lane section after the restart. Shortly after, Hord took advantage of a bobble by Daely Pentico to take over 2nd. After another restart it was time for Hord to take on Mike Vanden Heuvel. Would Hord be able to unseat the two-time winner?

Hord took a leap of faith and gunned into the treacherous whoops section at full speed. He pulled alongside Mikey for a time but the #77 had the momentum coming out of the turn and held on to the lead. The next lap they took different lanes in the split section and came out side-by-side again. Their doors were married for several more turns before Hord finally came out on top and up front.

Out of nowhere came Keegan Kincaid, who tried to power his way around the outside of Hord on the Talladega turn, but Hord had the horsepower to hold him off. Another couple cautions brought contenders to Hord’s rear bumper, but the #9 Lucas Oil PRO 2 was not to be denied, and he kept it together to capture his first win of 2018.

“During Saturday’s race I was driving too conservatively for the first couple laps,” said Hord. “I lost a few positions, but then I got more comfortable and starting going after the lead. I had a lot of fun battling for the top spot against Vanden Heuvel.”

Chad Hord is now the top dog in the PRO 2 championship race with 145 points. Daely Pentico is second with 134, and 2-time winner Mike Vanden Heuvel is within striking distance at 133. As the Midwest Short Course League nears its halfway point, Hord will look to go for his 4th straight podium at a familiar venue.

“Thank you to my sponsors Lucas Oil, Ponsse, Maxxis Tires, Vision Wheel for their continued support,” said Hord after his win. “My crew made some major changes that help me get the win Saturday. Thank you to Kyle and Curt and KGB Customs; they put together an unbelievable truck for us. Thank you also to Mike at Kasch Off-Road Solutions and Charlie at ATD transmissions. I am hoping to carry the momentum through to my hometown track in Bark River, MI!”



Spring Crandon Race Report

Hord Racing

Crandon, WI (June 17, 2018)--After a longer-than-usual offseason thanks to changes in the sanctioning body for Midwest short course racing, Chad Hord returned to Crandon International Off-Road Raceway for the debut of the Lucas Oil Midwest Short Course League. With a new truck for the 2018 season, the Hord Racing crew was busy right up until the last minute prepping the Lucas Oil, Ponsse, Maxxis, Vision Wheel PRO 2. Chad was looking forward to getting some seat time in before the first race.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature once again left her mark on the Spring Crandon race, as heavy rains through Friday forced the cancellation of all practices and qualifying. Rain continued into Saturday morning, causing a delay to opening ceremonies. Racing was finally able to begin and several sportsman classes did vintage battle on the extremely muddy track. Go time drew near for Hord and he began to prepare for staging for the day’s race.

But just before the PRO 2 race was slated to begin, the skies opened up once again and another round of heavy rain proved to be the death knell for Round 1 racing. Hord and his competitors would have to wait until Sunday for their first bout of 2018.

Fortunately, the sun made a rare appearance in the midday on Sunday and began to dry out the hallowed dirt at Crandon raceway. Due to the Community Cup Challenge in the afternoon, the PRO 2 race was slated in the early part of the schedule. Because all practice and qualifying had to be cancelled, a random draw determined starting order for Sunday’s race. As luck would have it, Hord drew the second place starting position out of the stacked 15-truck field. With no practice time, could the Lucas Oil, Ponsse, Maxxis, Vision Wheel PRO 2 get on the podium in it's debut?

Hord Racing

Hord clawed his Maxxis tires into the hallowed dirt and screamed into the famous Turn One, coming out in the lead! Unfortunately the lead was short-lived, as Hord over-rotated in the Gravel Pit turn trying to get used to the 2wd, and Mike Vanden Heuvel got by. But from there he held strong, and the Hord Racing truck held on to second place through to the mandatory caution.

After the restart, Hord stayed on Vanden Heuvel's back bumper and kept himself in a position to capitalize on any mistakes. But Vanden Heuvel ran a perfect race, and Hord had to settle for second place. Hord and his crew were happy to land on the box and celebrate a Father's day podium with family!

“I have to thank my sponsors Lucas Oil, Ponsse, Maxxis, Vision Wheel for putting me up on the box today," Chad stated after the win. "It was a great first run and felt good to get back into my PRO 2. I am happy to be here for the first time running this season."

The weekend was not yet over for the Hord Racing Team, and they quickly got to work to prepare for the Forest County Potawatomi Community Cup Challenge race, which pits the PRO 2 and PRO 4 trucks against each other on the same track. After some shock changes, the truck was ready for race time.

Hord took off with the head-start that the PRO 2s received and came through Turn One in third place. Chad got caught up with the other front-runners early but was able to hold on to third place. The PRO 2s continued to stay well ahead of their 4wd competitors until lap four, when a serious rollover forced a full-course caution and brought the whole field together.

The PRO 2 trucks were no match for the PRO 4s on their rear bumper, but Hord held them off for as long as he could. He fought to the end, only surrendering 5th place position on the last lap of the race. Crossing the checkered, Chad Hord and the Lucas Oil, Ponsse, Maxxis, Vision Wheel PRO 2 finished in the sixth place position.

Chad has positioned himself well to be a major contender in the PRO 2 championship race.

"Thank you to my crew and KGB Customs for working hard and diligently to get me up here today," he said. "We have some minor changes to make but we are looking forward to being a top competitor this season.”

Chad Hord will look to keep his early-season momentum rolling when the Lucas Oil Midwest Short Course League invades Minnesota for the third annual Off-Road National at ERX Motor Park on July 13-14. Get your tickets or watch live on Lucas Oil Racing TV!


About Chad Hord

Chad Hord has been racing off-road since 1995. He has accumulated 37 career wins and 3 points championships in various off-road racing series as well as conquering the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in an electric car. Hord moved into the ultimate closed course off-road racing PRO 4 class in 2015 and has consistently been a top performer.

For more information on Hord Racing, Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, TORC: The Off-Road Championship & PONSEE:,,, and

2018 Results Hord Pro-2
Position: 2
Points: 309
Ahead/Behind: -9
Finishing Position:
Crandon World Cup 2
Round 7 - Crandon 4
Round 6 - Bark River 9
Round 5 - Bark River 8
Round 4 - ERX 1
Round 3 - ERX 3
FC Potawatomi Community Cup: 6
Round 1 - Crandon: 2

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