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Hord Racing

Crandon, WI (Sept 3, 2017)--Crandon International Off-Road Raceway Labor Day weekend can be referred to as the “Super Bowl of Off-Road Racing”. With the crowning of Crandon World Champions, fans are sure to enjoy an action-packed weekend of racing topped off with the Amsoil Cup Challenge race featuring Pro-2WD and Pro-4WD trucks Sunday evening.

The Hord Racing crew could thoroughly inspect the Lucas Oil, Ponsse, Maxxis Pro-4WD after traveling to Wheatland, MO just over a month prior. Making a change to the engine and dialing in some final mechanical issues, the prepping was complete for Crandon and the crew was anxiously awaiting race time. Hoping to excite over 50,000 fans, Chad was looking forward to making an impression in his final race weekend of the year. Practice rounds went good for Chad and the crew on Thursday. With the truck dialed in, Chad had his sights set on another podium finish, could the Lucas Oil, Ponsse, Maxxis Pro-4WD be crowned World Champion?


Crandon, WI- Mother Nature had different ideas for race fans on Saturday, heavy rainfall in the morning caused racing delays. It was finally time to go green flag racing and Chad would start in the very inside position on the line. Going around the legendary “turn one” Chad was in the second-place position and running fast. On the inside turn on lap one Chad got caught in the greasy corner causing him to lose a position. Chad would battle to maintain the third-place position in a tight battle. As Chad went around the backside of the track he judged the corner wrong and went too tight causing him to go around and back up traffic. Coming out of the congestion, Chad was running in the fourth-place position. Chad continued to fight hard and would give up one more position before the mandatory caution. Off the caution, Chad was running tight with second, third, and fourth place positions.

The Maxxis tires were holding up and giving Chad the speed needed to continue to battle. Chad and the Lucas Oil, Ponsse, Maxxis Pro-4WD would finish in the fifth-place position. Not the finish Chad and the crew were hoping for, they would be making some changes for Sunday racing. Sunday Chad would be busy as the World Championship race would be held in the morning and the Amsoil Cup Challange race in the evening.

Chad stated, “It was unbelievable how much fun that race was. I can’t thank my sponsors: Lucas Oil, Ponnse,and Maxxis enough and the Bark River crew who did an outstanding job on the track. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”


Sunday qualifying went well and Chad qualified seventh. Off the land rush start, Chad came around turn one and was running in the seventh position. All the trucks were running very tight. During lap two Chad went wide and lost a position. Fighting hard and trying different lines, Chad was running again with the group of trucks trying to make passes. The Lucas Oil, Ponnse, and Maxxis Pro-4WD was running fast. Chad was able to re-take seventh place at he mandatory caution. On the re-start, the trucks were still running very close together and Chad was holding onto the seventh place position and made a pass to take over sixth place. Catching the fifth place runner, the trucks speed was evident and Chad was gaining. With the tight running field, Chad made contact with another truck and suffered a flat tire with two laps to go. The Lucas Oil, Ponsse, Maxxis truck would have to slow and finish out the race and finish ninth.

The finish was not what Chad and the crew wanted but there was no time to think about it as the Amsoil Cup Challenge was in just four short hours. The crew immediately went to work to prep for the Amsoil Cup, hoping for a turnaround to end out the season.


The Amsoil Cup Challenge is the biggest Cup race in the TORC series featuring both Pro-2WD and Pro-4WD. The Pro-2WD would get a green flag first followed by the Pro-4WD about 20 seconds later. The purse for the winner is $48,000. Chad looking to put in his last race of the season had his eyes set on the trophy. Hoping to end the season in a very exciting fashion, Chad and the Lucas Oil, Ponsse, Maxxis Pro-4WD were set up and dialed in for race time. With only four hours to prep the truck, the crew was busy going through the truck and prepping for the Cup race. Chad would start in the 7th Pro-4WD position, 13th position overall.

Off the green flag, Chad got a good jump and was running in the 11th position. The field was all close together. Chad knew he would have to be fast as there was no mandatory caution this race. Fighting hard and battling to stay with the front runners, Chad on lap three made passes to take over two positions and claim the 9th place position. As the Pro-4WD battled in front of Chad he was hoping to slowly one by one take over another position. Half way through the race Chad was running 8th and his truck was dialed in. With two laps to go, the Lucas Oil, Ponsse, Maxxis Pro-4WD caught some the Pro-2WD field and took over 6th place. With one lap to go, the front runners were all running tight and Chad was trying to gain on them. Able to overtake fifth position, Chad would finish there.

After the race Chad stated, “There is nothing like Crandon, the fans are unbelievable. This wasn’t the weekend we had planned. We will be busy this off-season making some major changes and come out in the 2018 with some surprises. I cannot thank my sponsors enough for their continued support: Lucas Oil, Ponsse, and Maxxis. My crew did an awesome job of putting my truck together this entire year. We are excited for the 2018 season!”



Hord Racing

Bark River, MI (July 16, 2017) - Just forty miles from home, Bark River is a favorite for Chad and the one he considers his hometown track. After making a debut at Crandon just a few weeks earlier, the Hord Racing team was busy making a few minor changes to the truck before they would travel to Bark River, MI for the “Throwdown in the U.P.”. Chad was able to run the Lucas Oil, Ponsse, and Maxxis Pro-4WD two times on Friday to get some more seat time in the truck before race time on Saturday. Satisified with the way the track ran, Chad was looking forward to Saturday. Saturday morning Chad was able to take on more practice round and he knew the truck was ready for racing. The truck was fast and it showed in the lap times during practice. The track conditions were great and holding up well. Could Chad and the Lucas Oil, Ponsse, Maxxis Pro-4WD take another podium finish in front of his hometown?


Chad would start in the sixth position after an inversion of points. Off the start, Chad continued to run tight in the pack and around turn two, the tight running caused him to get tangled up. Losing ground but determined to get back in the race, Chad and the Lucas Oil, Ponsse, Maxxis battled hard and caught up to the pack before the mandatory caution. Fighting hard, Chad was able to take over the fourth position at the mandatory caution. After one of the front runners had to pull off during the caution, Chad would be in the third position on the restart. Off the restart, Chad made a great pass, overtaking the second-place position. The speed of the truck was evident as Chad fought hard to gain on the leader and keep off third place. With two laps to go Chad went into the third corner and took the inside as CJ Greaves passed him on the outside. Chad wouldn’t give up, as he treaded hard to try and regain second. Unable to do so though, Chad and the Lucas Oil, Ponsse, Maxxis Pro-4WD would finish on the podium in the third place position.

Chad stated, “It was unbelievable how much fun that race was. I can’t thank my sponsors: Lucas Oil, Ponnse,and Maxxis enough and the Bark River crew who did an outstanding job on the track. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”


After a podium finish on Saturday, Chad and his crew were hoping to land back on top of the podium during Sunday’s race. The Lucas Oil, Ponsse, Maxxis Pro-4WD would start in the number one position after an inversion of points. Green flag racing and Chad was able to hold on to the top spot out of turn one. After the first lap, Chad was out in front with the field battling behind him. Chad was able to continue to drive and the speed the truck had was visible as he was able to take a seven second lead at the mandatory caution. Chad and his crew had the truck dialed in, as Chad was holding off the top runners in the class. Off the re-start Chad continued to hold the lead position as CJ Greaves battled closer. On the seventh lap, Chad went off the jump in front of the fans and went to take a left hand turn when he started to bicycle. With what felt like a lifetime, Chad was able to ride it out and save it but did bump the wall and fell back into the fifth position. Unfortunate luck for Chad, he never gave up and rode it out to finish in the fifth position.

After the race Chad explained, “I got a little too excited coming off that jump and tried to save it. It’s hard to swallow but I couldn’t be happier with where the crew has my truck dialed in. We will be back at it and move forward as we travel to Wheatland, MO to Lucas Oil Speedway. It wouldn’t be possible to run without my sponsors: Lucas Oil, Ponsse, and Maxxis. Hats off again to Bark River International Raceway crew, the track and whole event was outstanding. Wheatland, here we come.” Chad and his crew will make a quick turnaround and leave Wednesday for Wheatland, MO for the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Wheatland, MO event July 22nd and 23rd.



Hord Racing

Crandon, WI — If you know off-road racing, you know Crandon, Wisconsin. The legendary “turn one” features a land rush start that is unexplainable to anyone who has not experienced it for themselves. Hord Racing was geared up and ready for the “thrill” that was sure to excite. Chad and his crew were busy right up until departure to make some final changes to the truck. After finally being able to run, Chad was very satisfied with the speed of the truck. After practicing on Friday, there were some minor changes to make before race time on Saturday. Chad was eager to make a lasting impression during his first race weekend back out on the track in the 2017 season.

With the season debut Hord Racing would also welcome Lucas Oil as the title sponsor for the Hord Racing Pro-4WD. Hord Racing is excited and hopeful for the partnership with Lucas Oil. Would Chad and the Lucas Oil, Ponsse, Maxxis Pro-4WD have the speed it needed to make an unforgettable debut at the legendary Crandon International Off-Road Raceway?


Two good practice rounds and the truck was ready for race time. Chad was looking forward to debuting the Lucas Oil, Ponsse, Maxxis #9. It was time to go green flag racing, off the start Chad had some unfortunate luck and broke the transmission. Having to pull into the hot pits right off the green flag, the crew quickly assessed the truck and no change could be make during race time. An unfortunate break for Chad and the crew. The crew would be hard at it to make a complete turnaround for two races on Sunday. Looking forward to revenge, Chad had his eyes set on Sunday, racing in not only the regular Pro-4WD class race, but also the Forest County Potawatomi Chairman’s Cup Race which featured both Pro-2WD and Pro-4WD trucks.


Saturday night, Crandon International Off-Road Raceway faced heavy rain. With a wet track, Chad and crew made some final changes right up until race time. Chad would have to start in the second row, in the eighth position, as starting position was based on points. Looking forward to a new start, Chad was dialed in.

Off the green flag, Chad quickly took a position and was riding in seventh. With some heavy battling out front , Chad kept his eye on the truck ahead of him and quickly fought to gain the fifth place position by the third lap. Making some great passes through the corners, the Lucas Oil, Ponsse, Maxxis Pro-4WD was able to take over the third place position by the mandatory caution. With the wet track, the Maxxis tires were grooved just right to handle the mud, and give Chad the speed he needed to keep up to the front runners. Chad was gaining on the leaders as, Johnny Greaves and Keegan Kincaid had a battle in the first and second spot. Hoping for some contact between the two to make up some time, Chad continued to hold onto the third place spot. On the white flag lap, Keegan and Johnny continued to fight hard as Chad battled closer. Unable to gain another position, Chad would finish in the third place position.


Sunday night featured a Pro-2WD and Pro-4WD battle in the Forest County Potawatomi Chairman’s Cup Race. The Pro-2WD would get a green flag start and about 20 seconds after, it would be green flag racing for the Pro-4WD trucks. Hustling to get the truck ready for the race after racing just a few hour prior, the crew was busy. Chad was hoping to take the trophy for a second time in his career. Track conditions were wet as a heavy down pour started just minutes before the race. The Pro-2WD took off first, followed by the Pro-4WD. Off the green flag, Chad was able to get into the fifth position after turn one. Chad then took another position and was running in fourth with the Pro-4WD, when he ran out of tear offs from the wet track and could not see a thing, Chad having to slow and eventually pull off the track.

Chad and his crew were happy to make their debut and get some seat time under their belts for the season. Chad looks forward to traveling to his hometown track in Bark River, MI, July 15th and 16th. Hord Racing would like to thank their sponsors, Lucas Oil, Ponsse, and Maxxis, fans and crew for another great round of racing.


Hord Racing Announces Lucas Oil Sponsorship

New sponsor, Lucas Oil, for participation in both TORC Series and Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series events

Felch, MI — Today, Hord Racing announced that Lucas Oil will be sponsoring the team, as they participate in a limited racing schedule in both the TORC: The Off-Road Racing Championship series and the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series.

“This is a fantastic partnership for Hord Racing and me personally,” said Chad Hord, driver and team owner at Hord Racing.

Lucas Oil Impact

Motorsports fans are well aware of Lucas Oil’s involvement in various forms of racing including drag racing, stock car racing, Indy car racing, power boat racing as well as desert and closed course off-road racing. Additionally, Lucas Oil’s broad product line supports both motorsports and street vehicles with outstanding quality products.

“I have used and relied on Lucas Oil products in my race truck and personal vehicles and can’t say enough about the products as well as the company management. I appreciate the support from Forest and Charlotte Lucas as well as Bob Patison in this endeavor,” said Chad Hord.

The Hord Racing schedule

The Lucas Oil sponsored Hord Racing PRO 4 will be racing at the following events:
  • June 24-25: Crandon, WI - TORC: The Off-Road Championship series event
  • July 15-16: Bark River, MI – TORC: The Off-Road Championship series event
  • July 22-23: Wheatland, MO – Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series event
  • September 2-3: Crandon, WI – TORC: The Off-Road Championship series event

“I’m really looking forward to showing the fans at Crandon, Bark River and Wheatland my new Lucas Oil/PONSSE PRO 4 and taking it to the winner’s circle at these events. The last time I raced at the beautiful Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, MO we won the race in our Lucas Oil sponsored Pro-Light and won the series championship, so it will be exciting to go back,” noted Chad Hord.

About Chad Hord

Chad Hord has been racing off-road since 1995. He has accumulated 37 career wins and 3 points championships in various off-road racing series as well as conquering the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in an electric car. Hord moved into the ultimate closed course off-road racing PRO 4 class in 2015 and has consistently been a top performer.

For more information on Hord Racing, Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, TORC: The Off-Road Championship & PONSEE:,,, and

2017 Results Hord Pro-4
Position: 6
Points: 87
Ahead/Behind: -145
Finishing Position:
Crandon World Cup: 9
Round 11: 5
Round 10:  
Round 9:  
Round 8: 5
Round 7: 3
Round 6: 3
Round 5: DNF

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