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Hord Racing Participates in the Fourth of July Parade in Foster City, MI

Foster City, MI–-The Hord Racing crew gathered on the Fourth of July to enter the BOSS Snowplow/ AMSOIL semi hauler, five Traxxas RC cars with the Pro-2WD #9 replica bodies, and a BOSS Snow-plow outfitted John Deere Gator in the local parade in Foster City, MI. Many family friends helped with the efforts. The Hord Racing Family would like to thank John, Angie and Wyatt Mattson for driving the hauler, Dan and Taylor Steele for driving the Gator, and spotting the RC cars, Paul and Gabe Johnson, Manley Murray, and Lexi Steele for operating the RC cars, Amy Steele for taping the parade and Kasey Roell for helping get everything together and riding on the float with the family. Chad enjoyed driving the RC cars with everyone, while Amy, Ashton and Aiden threw candy.


Unprecedented Television Coverage, TORC Premiers September 24th at Prime Time

Discovery Channels HD TheaterThe TORC Series will be featured during prime-time Thursday nights, at both 8:00 PM EST and 11:00 PM EST (8:00) PST on HD Theatre, a Discovery Networks HD programming station. The consistent network coverage for 26 straight weeks (that's 1/2 year of weekly programming!) is designed to build a loyal broadcast viewership over time and bring new fans to our sport. The show will make a World Premier on September 2nd, and run weekly through February 24th, and include popular at home-night such as Thanksgiving, December 23rd and December 30th. All PRO Divisions will be featured, as we estimate nearly four (4) hours of coverage from each weekend event, or two hours from each race.

The television production for the TORC series will utilize a stylized feature film visual approach, along with a compel-ling narrative storyline, that will bring the riches visual experience ever seen to Off-Road Truck Racing. The series will be covered in a docu-reality format with a focus on allowing the viewing audience to get to know, and attach them-selves to the drivers. This will be done by capturing the fast paced lifestyle of the drivers in cinematic style, seeing the behind the scenes moments leading up to the race that show the commitment and determination needed to produce a champion.

2018 Results Hord Pro-2
Position: 2
Points: 309
Ahead/Behind: -9
Finishing Position:
Crandon World Cup 2
Round 7 - Crandon 4
Round 6 - Bark River 9
Round 5 - Bark River 8
Round 4 - ERX 1
Round 3 - ERX 3
FC Potawatomi Community Cup: 6
Round 1 - Crandon: 2

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